Ecrypt One Contest with Cicada Giveaway

Contest entry deadline: March 31, 2016

Congratulations on saying NO MORE to avoidable cyber attacks and data breaches!

Ecrypt One is a full service secure email system designed to protect the information flow of the most security conscious organizations.

A true Whitelist system, Ecrypt One is focused on Prevention not Detection.

Deployment is free*, and easy, using a pre-configured Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance.


If you don’t already have one, create an AWS account.  If you already have one awesome!  You are ahead of the game.

Once you have are logged into your AWS account, go to our product page at

Then, follow the simple instructions in our Getting Started with Ecrypt One on AWS guide and you’ll be up and running in moments!

Set up your users by following this easy User Management guide.

And to finalize your entry into the contest, send us a secure message to, then explore the awesome security of Ecrypt One and tell us what you think!

Don’t forget to review and save a copy of our contest rules.

Now, how about that incredible prize you could win?

Your participation automatically earns you the chance of winning 1 of 6 Cicada computer theft and tamper protection devices, brought to you by our valued partner, Cicada Security Technology.

The Cicada is a non-invasive and scalable security solution which protects active and authenticated computers against incidental data exposure and asset loss caused by attempted theft or tamper.

Developed for government, enterprise, or personal use, the Cicada has been engineered to extend your protective limits beyond the capabilities of common end point security technologies including encryption, authentication, DLP, A/V or anti-malware.

Learn more about the full capabilities of the Cicada security device at


* On a 30 day trial. Does not include AWS hosting fees.